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At our garage door repair company in Des Plaines we often come face to face with garage door springs problems.  Our technicians are trained to offer broken spring repair/replacement.  We are dedicated to providing the best garage door springs service in the city.  Our goal is to continuously exceed our customer’s expectations of quality and service.  We offer emergency repair service twenty four hours a day and seven days per week.  In addition, we do everything we can to provide same day service.  Our technicians are professional and friendly all the time.  Our garage door company in Des Plaines would not have it any other way.Garage Door Springs in Illinois

We offer electric garage door repair services and are distinguished for our competence and persistence. Due to our large responsibility towards clients ensure that every one of our infrastructures is strong enough to cover the needs of customers with speed. As major garage door repair specialists, dedication and experience is guaranteed. With such qualities, garage doors will be serviced with utmost attention and diligence. We are the finest technicians for all opener needs and guarantee perfection in all home services. From garage door replacement and installation to spring adjustment, cable repairs, rollers replacement and opener maintenance, be certain of our capacities and efficiency.

The plain and simple truth is that garage door springs tend to wear out over time

For being so little they have to lift a lot of weight, in this case a garage door.  These springs have to be wound and adjusted to a specified setting and this task is best handled by professionals like those found at our garage door contractor in Des Plaines.  Our technicians are skilled at repairing or installing garage door springs.  This is not a job you want to pass onto the DIY person in your family.  It is very important that these springs are installed correctly.

There are two types of garage door springs used consistently in the industry.  The first is the extension spring.  The extension spring comes in a variety of sizes and is basically utilized for the garage doors that are lighter in weight.  They are typically installed at the center of the garage door and to the far left and right.  When installed correctly these extension springs will do their job for a long time, around 10,000 cycles.  When installed improperly accidents can surely happen.

The second garage door spring used is called the Torsion spring.  The torsion spring also comes in a variety of sizes.  This garage door spring is mainly used for heavier garage doors and is placed on the center of the garage door towards the middle to give it more leverage.  They heavy duty garage door springs are real work horses.  You can also get the extension and torsion springs galvanized.

Galvanized garage door springs have a special coating which makes them look even better hanging on your garage door.  This coating also helps to keep your garage door springs from rusting.  It all comes down to what your expectations for your garage door system are.

Our garage door springs company in Des Plaines specializes in all kinds of garage door springs.  Our technicians carry a wide variety of garage door springs on their trucks so that they are always prepared to install these springs on a moments notice.  Our garage door company is loaded with experience in this field and we can address garage door springs issues quickly and effectively.

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