Our Testimonials

Our Testimonials

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Our Unmatched Company Offers High Standard Garage Door Services

Similar to door cables, your garage door torsion springs are some of the most important parts of your door. They bear the burden of your door’s weight, making them susceptible to wear and tear. This is why we advise you to request checkups on a regular basis. Our technicians will head over to your home to check your doors as well as the door parts. Should there be anything amiss, we will make sure to replace any parts to avoid any possible accidents in the future. Rest assured that all parts installed will be of good quality as we only carry the best brands in the market.

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Quality spring replacement from these guys

When looking for a service provider, my top consideration is quality in terms of service and parts used. This is what Garage Door Repair Des Plaines promised when I hired their services to fix my broken garage door spring. So I observed intently while they repaired the spring and I noticed that they were indeed using top of the line replacement parts. They were also working methodically and the replacement was installed quickly. So did they live up to the promise? I would say they did. They stamped quality all over the job and I am pretty impressed by these guys.

Trained and experienced repair men

My garage door track was loose last week so I had to scout for a repair company. A concerned friend suggested Garage Door Repair Des Plaines, which he said he trusted, so I called them. After consultation, they sent repairmen to my house to fix the track and bearings. This team literally took minutes to fix the problem. It showed that they were trained and experienced in this type of job. The equipment they used also helped to speed up the process. They are amazing! I think they will be my go-to company for anything garage door related from now on.

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